Specialists in Plastic Molds and Die Cast Dies


Equipment Resume

CNC Programming/Engineering
10 CAD/CAM workstations Pentium 450 megahertz or faster all networked & Modem capable.
1 H.P. 'E' size design jet 750 plus color plotter.
All versions Autocad including ver. 2000 with mechanical desktop.
All versions Bridgeport EZ-Cam and 3D mill
Cad Key Fastsurf ver. 7.0
Surfcam 2000
N.C. Verify ver. 2.1
Solidworks 2000
CNC Milling Department
 1 Defiance High Speed Graphite CNC milling machine complete with tool changer and look-ahead controls.
1 Bridgeport VMC 800/30 vertical machining center.
1 Bridgeport VMC 1000/22 vertical machining center 20 x 40 travel complete with tool changer.
1 Bridgeport VMC 760 vertical machining center 20 x 30 travel complete with tool changer.
1 Kuraki KV 1600 CNC vertical machining center 35 x 60 travel complete with tool changer.
1 Bridgeport Series II Boss 6 CNC vertical milling machine.
3 Bridgeport Series II Boss 9 CNC vertical milling machines.
1 Bridgeport EZ track SX II vertical mill.
All mills capable of Networking & 3D surfacing.
EDM Department
1 Sodick K1CN High Speed Full CNC small hole drilling machine
1 Sodick AQ325L Linear Axis CNC Wire-Cut EDM
1 Sodick AM35L Linear Z Axis CNC Die Sinker EDM with LN1 control, Rotary C axis, and 48 position 3R tool changer
2 Elox 50 amp conventional EDM machines.
1 EDM with 200 amp Zermak power supply set up with System 3R Orbicut CNC, 3 axis head.
1 Elox 50 amp 3 axis CNC, EDM machine with Fanuc 6MB control.
1 25 amp Elox bench EDM
All EDM's complete with readouts, 3R fixturing and orbiting.
Grinding Department
11 Surface Grinders from 6 x 12 to 20 x 30 travels.
Misc. Machines
2 Radial Drill Presses
10 Bridgeport Series I variable speed vertical mills.
1 Gorton 7 H.P. 2-30 variable speed vertical mills.
3 Cutter Grinders
1 Marvel #8 Saw
1 15" Clausing Colchester Lathe
1 Hardinge 8" speed Lathe
1Meuser 2 1/2" Boring Mill

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