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We are proud to announce the newest additions to our shop:

1 Sodick K1CN High Speed Full CNC small hole drilling machine:  Allows us to move inserts to the heat-treater at an accelerated schedule. Many times ejector and core pin holes are put in after heat-treating.  This has eliminated bottlenecks as well as freed up existing machining centers. 


1 Sodick AQ325L Linear Axis CNC Wire-Cut EDM:  With auto-wire threading and extreme accuracy, this machine has streamlined sub-inserting and jig grinding, many times during evening, unattended hours.


1 Sodick AM35L Linear Z Axis CNC Die Sinker EDM with LN1 control, Rotary C axis, and 48 position 3R tool changer: Has eliminated all flushing, reducing, if not eliminating, polishing, and decreasing delivery times. 

*A recent example of the above improvements was a 1600 hour tool produced successfully in 5.5 weeks without return for corrections.

JobBOSS:  A high-tech integrated shop management system that schedules the required labor, overtime, material orders, and machine schedules to meet your delivery demands.

High speed Defiance DMC Compact Vertical Machining Center with Creative Evolution CNC Control:  The DMC mill produces surfaced electrodes at up to 700 inches/minute and travels without the need of benching prior to EDM. This high speed machine allows for cost reductions and immense time savings, boosting our capacity and our productivity. 


* Proudly produced in the USA *


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